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This page is roughly comprised of three parts:
1. Amiss Genealogy by Lewis Amiss Spitzer [b. 1840 VA, d. 1912 CA]
2. Additional Amiss Genealogy by Leocadie H. Amiss [presumed written in 1938]
3. Amiss Genealogy by Lewis Amiss [b. 1783 VA?, d. 1826 Richmond, VA]

1. Amiss Genealogy by Lewis Amiss Spitzer [b. 1840 VA, d. 1912 CA]


The following facts were copied from a record of LEWIS AMISS SPITZER by Pearl Adair Pearson March 21, 1938, for Leocadie H. Amiss.

Thos. and Phillip Amiss, brothers were sent to America by King George to fight the Americans, but on their arrival, they deserted and went into General Washington's Army and fought for six years, they settled near Washington's residence. (See note below regarding this.)

They were of Scotch descent, my grandfather on Mother's side was Gabriel Amiss and my Grandmother on Mother's side was a daughter of Phillip Amiss which made them first cousins. They were married in Virginia, date to me unknown. The town of Amissville, Culpepper County was laid out by my Great Grandfather Thos. Amiss.

My mother, Elizabeth Francis Amiss, daughter of Gabriel Amiss was born in Amissville. She married Charles Spitzer of New Market Shenandoah Valley on Oct. 29th 1833.


Thos. and Phillip Amiss of Virginia, were brothers who were sent by King George with the English Army, they joined the Continental Army under General Washington, served through the War and then settled in Westmoreland County Virginia, two miles from General Washington's residence.

Thos. Amiss married Miss Hudson of Westmoreland Co. Va and their children were:

John, Thomas, Lewis, Gabriel, Phillip, Catherine, Elizabeth, Francis, and Nancy Amiss. All the children married and raised families.

Thos. Amiss died in Culpepper Co., Va at the age of 85. John lived to be 108 years and was the last to die. Gabriel died in his 64th year. All the rest lived to be old except Phillip, who died in his 60th year.

Phillip married twice, his wives were sisters. Had seven children by his first wife, none by his second.

Lewis was in the Virginia Legislature and died in Richmond, Va.

Phillip Amiss Sr. had three wives, his first wife's name was Stark. Their children were Thomas, William, Gabriel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Lucy and Maria Amiss.

His second wife was the widow Parsons, George and Charlotte were the names of their two children. Third wife was widow Landrum, no children.

Phillip Amiss Sr. died in his 94th year and it was his son John who lived to be 108 years old. [Conflicts with earlier info. which said John was Thos.' son. Also, no son John listed in previous 2 paragraphs re. Phillip Sr. - Note added by Nick Brisbois, 1997]

George Amiss was county clerk of Pendleton Co. Va he afterwards moved to Pocahontas Co. Va and was a prosperous farmer, he fell off of a bale of hay or rather a wagon of hay and was injured and died from the effects of the fall.

George married Miss Kitty Dyer. Their children's names were:
Andrew, Florence, Dyer, Susan, Sarah, Lucy, Francis, Virginia, George, Louisa, Lynn, Willie and Ann Rebecca.

Ann Rebecca married Fenton Walton of Shenandoah Co..
Sarah married John C. Woodson of Rockingham Co. Va.
Andrew married Miss McNeil.
Susan married Dick Hill of Pocahontas Co. Va.
Virginia (Jennie) married Joe Amiss, her cousin from Loudon Co. Va
Louisa Lynn married George Mauck.
Dyer was drowned at Huntersville, Pocahontas Co..
William died during the Rebellion [Civil War]
Lynn lived in Fort Ogden Florida.
Charlotte married Mr. Scott. Both are dead.

Gabriel Amiss, son of Thomas Amiss, and Margaret Amiss, daughter of Phillip Amiss, married in Culpepper Co. Va. Their children were:
James, the oldest, was twice married: first to Nancy Dennis, two children. His wife and two children died close together. His second wife was Rebecca Tapp, had six girls and one boy by this union. George was a machinist and is now living in Kentucky. The girls are married and living in Virginia.
John married and settled in Albemarle Co., Va 1831.
William died young.
Milton Lewis married Jane Lampkin moved to St. Louis and died in St. Louis. Their children were Elizabeth, Alpheus, Emma and John.
Elizabeth Francis married Charles Spitzer of New Market, Shenandoah Co. Va on Oct. 29, 1833. Their children were:
Mary Catherine who married Wm. Rupp of Heilbron, Wurtenburg Germany and their children were: Charlie, Willie and Joe all living in New Market, Shenandoah Co., Va.
Lewis Amiss Spitzer, married Elizabeth Harding Easterday of Carroll Co. Kentucky, married in Austin, Landers Co., Nevada, July 4, 1865. Their children were: Mary Ellen, Frances Easterday, Maggie Lee, Sarah Elizabeth, Charles (died when 4 months old), Lewis Amiss and Florence Virginia. All but Lewis Amiss have very black hair and bluish grey eyes.
Robert Henry married Allie Bryant of Hollister, San Benito Co., Cal. He was shot by his wife's uncle by mistake. After serving all through the Rebellion [Civil War] in the Confederate States Army.
My sister Sarah died in New Market in 1849.

The above information was signed:
Lewis Amiss Spitzer

Note: By Leocadie H. Amiss. I had the pleasure of meeting and visiting in the family of my Father's cousin's home in the year 1905 and found that Lewis Amiss Spitzer bore a striking resemblance to my father John William Amiss. It is to the father of John William Amiss that he refers to in his records as having stayed with him for a while when in St. Louis and before leaving on his trip across the country to California when quite young and where he spent the remainder of his life.

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2. Additional Amiss Genealogy by Leocadie H. Amiss [presumed written in 1938]

Phillip Amiss, son of Gabriel Amiss and Margaret Amiss and brother of Elizabeth Frances Spitzer, married Miss Rachel Good of Ohio. Their children were: Joseph, Gabriel, William Allen, Sarah Elizabeth, John Lewis, George Washington, Mary Caroline, James Mahlon, Phillip Albert, Martha Margaret Amiss and Charles Hiram Amiss. All married but Charles at the time of writing April 1, 1887.

Aunt Rachel died in 1872. Uncle married her widowed sister Mrs. Beamer. She, by her first husband, had children.

Joe Amiss married in 1888.
Elizabeth Amiss of Rose Hill, daughter of Phillip Amiss married William McVeigh of Kentucky, no children. Died in 1889.
Mary Amiss married Jos. Cline.
Joseph G. Amiss married Jenny Knoops.
Martha Amiss married Robt. Nelson.
William Amiss married Jane Creager.
John L. Amiss married Eliza Jones.
George W. Amiss married Jo Ann Kline.
Jos. M. Amiss married Ella Teckrone or Leckrone.
Phillip A. Amiss married Jane Buzzard.
Charles H. Amiss married Dabie Rhodes.

Hiram L. Amiss of Culpepper Co. Virginia married Emily E.R. Young of same place. They had twenty children of whom twelve are living at this time 1889. Their names are:
Amiss, Ben T. (Died)
Amiss, Richard L. married Mary Henry of Culpepper Co. Va.
Amiss, Mary Susanna married P.A. Patterson of Keywest Fla.
Amiss, Mahala Francis married Paul Montgomery of Richmond, Va.
Amiss, Martha E. married Newton Cox of Fredericksburg Va.
Amiss, Nellie J. married George N. Stranahan of Washington.
Amiss, Tazwell married Mary Wheeler of Fredericksburg, Va.
Amiss, Carroll C. was a soldier in the Confederate Army and was killed.
Amiss, William L. married Emma Jane Burke of Culpepper, Va.
Amiss, Sam R. married Georgiana Fletcher of Culpepper Va.
Amiss, Rev. Joseph H. married Joyce Hathaway of N. Carolina.
Amiss, Sylvannus Y. married Mary Cox of Fredericksburg, Va.
Amiss, Hiram L. was 89 years old and well and hearty in 1896. [Hiram was the father of the aforementioned kids - Note added by Nick Brisbois, 1997]

Cousin Joseph B. Amiss of Fort Royal married Mary Bell, his second wife was Mary Skinner. He had two children by his first wife and they were Ella and Joseph B. Amiss. Children by the second wife were:
Bettie who married a man by the name of Coverstone.
Thos. G. died in Kansas.
George F. and Ben F. no record given.
Lucy married Jas. Sonner.
William was killed by a mule.
Ida R. married William Johnson Taylor J.D.

Jas. Amiss, Mother's brother, married Rebecca Tapp of Culpepper Co. Virginia. Their children were:
James Amiss who never married and now dead.
Emily Amiss, married Fred Kuhe of Clinto, Iowa.
Mary Amiss never married.
Lucy Amiss married Henry Burke of Rappanhanock Co. Virginia.
George Amiss married Mary Cole.
Fannie Amiss married Peter Burke of Rappanhanock Co. Va.
Fannie died and her sister Elton married him [Peter Burke].

My great-uncle Phillip Amiss married Miss Besse of Rappanhanock Co., Virginia, and their children are:
Amiss, Edna who married Ed Kimper.
Amiss, Milton who married Elizabeth Robinson.
Amiss, Madison.
Amiss, Rebecca who married William Stallard.
Amiss, Luvenia who married a Mr. Hall.
Amiss, Mary married Robt. Latham.

My great-uncle John Amiss' children are:

Amiss, Elijah
Amiss, Jos.
Amiss, John
Amiss, Polly.

Elijah Amiss's children married the following persons:
Luvenia married Dr. Alsops of Spevyville.
Louisa married John Minor Levell of Culpepper Va.
Sarah Amiss married Albert Menefree of Culpepper Va.
Wm. H. Amiss .....................................................
John Burwell Amiss, Thos. L. Amiss, Elijah Amiss, Ann Letitia Amiss, Edwin Amiss and Amanda Amiss [Children of John Burwell Amiss? - Note added by Nick Brisbois, 1997].
Fannie Amiss.

Mother's cousin Joe Amiss's children were:
Amary Ann, Adelaine who married Mr. Hume.
Virginia, John and Harriet.

Gabriel Amiss was born in Rappanhonock Co. Va.. Margaret Amiss was born in Prince William Co. Va.. They were first cousins and were married in Virginia. Gabriel Amiss, also his son John, were soldiers in the War of 1812.
John is a pensioner at this time 1882. John and Margaret Amiss's children were:
John Amiss, Charlottville, Va.
Phillip M. Amiss, Rose Hill, Indiana.
Lewis Amiss, St. Louis, Mo.
Elizabeth F. Spitzer, New Market, Va.
William Amiss and James Madison Amiss.
The children were born in Culpepper Co. The county has since been divided and where they were born is now Rappanhanock Co. Va.

Charles Spitzer and Elizabeth Francis Spitzer Amiss were married in the town of New Market, Shenandoah County, Va. on the 29th day of October 1833. Charles Spitzer was of German descent. Elizabeth Francis Amiss was of English or Scotch descent.

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3. Amiss Genealogy by Lewis Amiss [b. 1783 VA?, d. 1826 Richmond, VA]


[Lewis Amiss (b. 1783 VA?, d. 1826 Richmond, VA); great-uncle of Lewis Amiss Spitzer (b. 1840 VA, d. 1912 CA)]

The Amiss family are descended from French Huguenots who were driven from France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV on account of the religious persecution, fleeing first to England, then to this country seeking religious liberty and freedom.

It appears that there were three brothers - Joseph, Thomas and Lewis, who obtained from King George II [reigned 1727-1760 - Note added by Nick Brisbois, 1997] a grant for a large tract of land in North Carolina where they originally settled, after it further appeared that two of them moved to Virginia and from whom have sprung the numerous branches in the State.

The etymology of the name is pure French, being Ami, meaning "friend".

When trouble arose in regard to the War the brothers disagreed and thought it best to change their names, Thomas called himself Amiss, one of the brothers called himself Amie and the other took the name Friend and descendants of this brother live in North Carolina.

The following is the data according to Lewis Amiss:
Joseph Amiss 1710 Thomas [see table below] 1732
married William
Constance Jones 1709 Phillip

Thomas Amiss 1732 Ann
married Joseph
Rebecca Fletcher 1737 James
Lewis [see table below] 4/9/1783

Lewis Amiss 4/9/1783 Hiram 6/1/1806 or 1807
married Died 2/14/1826 Arabella 4/9/1808
Richmond, Virginia Edwin Jones 5/26/1810
Rebecca 7/22/1812
Lewis [see table below] 8/14/1814
Elizabeth Martin Oct 1789 Flavius Josephius 11/10/1816
Died 3/4/1877 Elizabeth M. 12/27/1819
Blacksburg, Ann Charlotte 9/13/1822
Virginia Charlotte Cooksey 8/10/1824

Thomas Lewis Amiss 8/14/1814 Elizabeth
married Alpheus
Lucinda Ann Lampkin Jennie (Virginia)
John William

Elizabeth married John Gill. Alpheus did not marry, died. Jennie married Zachariah Beatty and had two children, Ada and Emma.

John William Amiss was born in New Market, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, June 27th 1835 and died February 14, 1896 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He served during the Civil War on the Confederate side. He entered service at Wytheville, Va in 1861 as Captain of Company A, Fiftieth Virginia Regiment Infy (Col. Reynolds commanding); was drill master of Floyd's Brigade. Captain Richmond of Company A having died before the Brigade moved to the front, Amiss was made Captain, afterwards Ordinance Officer of Floyd's Brigade. At the organization he was appointed Adjt. of his old Regiment and served in the fights of Carnfax Ferry, Raleigh Court House, in the capture of Charleston, W. Va., Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Winchester, and was wounded at Kelly's Forge or (Farr) Va.. Was made Chief of Engineers at Richmond and served there until transferred to General Forrest's service on the Mississippi. Surrendered at Cairo, Ill. Married Henrietta Bernadine Lauzin August 5, 1867. She was born in Pointe Coupee Parish on the Island just opposite the old Julien Paydras Academy in New Roads, Louisiana. Her parents were Dr. Jean Lauzin a native of Hadget Haute Pyrenee, France and Leocadie Charlotte Teetzmann. They were married in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

John William [Amiss] b. 6/27/1835 Wm. Lewis Paul [see table below] b. 6/28/1868
married John Alpheus b. 3/12/1870
Henrietta Bernadine Lauzin b. 7/14/1842 Lauzin Joseph b. 7/22/1872
Married at Baton Rouge, La d. 6/1/1929 d. 12/27/1930
on 8/5/1867 James Ryan b. 12/19/1873
d. 9/6/1925
Wm. Duchein b. 3/4/1876
d. 10/8/1878
Leocadie Henrietta b. 1/25/1879
Thomas Lampkin b. 5/25/1882
James Townsend b. 4/14/1885

Lewis Paul Amiss b. 6/28/68 Smedley Willie Walsh b. 8/1/1895
married Bernadine Catherine b. 8/1/1897
Mamie Walsh Elva Blanche [b.] 1/5/1900
on 12/12/1893 Mary Lynn [b.] 5/17/1901
Lewis Paul [b.] 2/12/1903
Catherine [b.] 11/14/1904
Alton Noel b. 12/28/1906
d. 12/8/1916
Juliette [b.] 5/14/1909
Smedley Willie Walsh Amiss married Marion Warren of New Orleans, La in November 1920. Three children bless this union, Roy, Richard and Ann.

Bernadine Catherine married William Perkins Denson at Baton Rouge, La April 22nd, 1922. Two children bless this union: William Perkins, Jr. and Bernadine.

Elva Blanche Amiss married Wilbur H. Kean, both of Baton Rouge, La. Married Wednesday, June 22nd, 1927. One child born Sept. 9, 1931 Wilbur Amiss Kean.

John Alpheus Amiss, son of John W. Amiss, married Ada B. Pino, May 18, 1897. Two children:
John Alpheus Amiss, Jr. born 7/7/1898
Leocadie Lauzin Amiss, born February 27, 1900.

John Alpheus Amiss, Jr. married Norma Thiel of Anderson, Indiana in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Two children bless this union:
John Alpheus III born April 27, 1929
Edna Ruth

Leocadie Lauzin Amiss, 2nd son of John A. and Ada B. Pino Amiss, born February 27, 1900, married Sadie Favrot.

Lauzin Joseph Amiss, third son of John William Amiss and Henrietta Bernadine Amiss, was born July 22nd 1872 and died Dec. 27, 1930. Lauzin Joseph married Emmie Macmurdo January 12, 1897. Their children were:
Charles Macmurdo Amiss born Jan. 14, 1898. Died 7/26/1927.
Marjorie, born June 24, 1899, married Walker Ronaldson July 5, 1919.
Lauzin Joseph born Oct. 26, 1901.
Bessie Bynum born Dec. 28, 1903, married Leroy Benoit at Baton Rouge, La. April 15, 1922.
Emmie Amiss, born [date not given]

Thomas Lampkin Amiss. 7th child of John William Amiss and Henrietta Bernadine Amiss, was born 5/25/1882, married Cora Hanley in Shreveport, Louisiana. One child blessed this union:
Marie Elizabeth, born Sept. 6, 1908.

Leocadie H. Amiss, 6th child of John William Amiss and Henrietta Bernadine Amiss, was the only girl. She did not marry. Born 1/25/1879.

James Townsend Amiss, 8th child of John William Amiss and Henrietta Bernadine Amiss, born 4/14/1885. Has not married as of this date (12/29/1927) and is living in the old home with sister Leocadie, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

James Ryan Amiss, married Gabriella Reynaud. He was born 12/19/1873 and died 9/6/1925. One child was born to this union but died at birth. Married July 9, 1908.

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Transcribed by Nick Brisbois from a typed original, 1992.

NOTE: In the book "Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution April 1775 to December 1783" by Francis B. Heitman, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1967 it lists:

Amis, Thomas (N.C.) Commisary 3d North Carolina, 22d December, 1776, to ______
Amis, William (N.C.) Commisary 3d North Carolina, 6th May, 1776. Retired 1st December 1776

I've noted this due to their being named Amis. They may or may not be related to the Amis' mentioned above, note that their names do not match those listed in the Spitzer texts as the Amiss brothers who fought (Thomas and Phillip) in the Revolution.

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